Hi, there. Here's a bit of info about myself.

Hopefully, this sums up what you will expect out of me. I'm really trying to find a freelance job while in college to help pay for my tuition and add a little money on the side. If you are an employer, you will find that I am not a disappointment.

My Name [ Tibneo ]

You all know my name is Ryan. Well, my alias is 'Tibneo'. Pronounced (tib-nee-oh), Tibneo is a completely made-up name. Before I selected Tibneo to be my alias, I did a Google Search for 'Tibneo' to ensure none others used it and it did not mean anything. I found nothing. Thus, I selected it to be my new alias. It does not mean anything AT ALL. It's just a made-up name that I thought sounded kind of cool.


As a personal website developer, I have become very experienced with these types of coding. I am attempting to learn jQuery/JavaScript and hope to one day have it mastered.


More Info

Steve Jobs quote.

❝Design is a funny word. Some people think design means how it looks. But of course, if you dig deeper, it's really how it works. The design of the Mac wasn't what it looked like, although that was part of it. Primarily, it was how it worked.❞

- Wired

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