Apple Bold Wallpaper Pack Grayscale

  • Apple Bold in White
  • Apple Bold in Gray
  • Apple Bold in Black
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Apple Bold is a wallpaper pack that features 2 types of wallpapers: ROYGBIV (color) and GRAYSCALE. In ROYGBIV, you'll find 4 different sizes. Each size has its own 8 wallpapers, one for each letter plus a rainbow. [R]ed [O]range [Y]ellow [G]reen [B]lue [I]ndigo [V]iolet and rainbow. The GRAYSCALE will feature Black, White, and Gray wallpapers, also in 4 different sizes.

However, ROYGBIV is a wallpaper pack that features 7 individual wallpapers in colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet, or ROYGBIV and a Rainbow-ized wallpaper itself. I used these colors because they are the 7 colors of the Rainbow and I happen to use 7 separate Desktops on my MacBook Pro, so that every time I swipe to the next desktop, I either go up in hue or go down in hue. When I do a mission control, I can see all of the colors line up in a natural order.

Download here:

Each of these will include the four sizes I listed next to each name. Screenshot link is below, download by clicking the colors above. And enjoy... again!

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