Apple Bold Wallpaper Pack ROYGBIV

  • Apple Bold in Rainbow
  • Apple Bold in Red
  • Apple Bold in Orange
  • Apple Bold in Yellow
  • Apple Bold in Green
  • Apple Bold in Blue
  • Apple Bold in Indigo
  • Apple Bold in Violet
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Apple Bold is a wallpaper pack that features 2 types of wallpapers: ROYGBIV (color) and GRAYSCALE. In ROYGBIV, you'll find 4 different sizes. Each size has its own 8 wallpapers, one for each letter plus a rainbow. [R]ed [O]range [Y]ellow [G]reen [B]lue [I]ndigo [V]iolet and rainbow. The GRAYSCALE will feature Black, White, and Gray wallpapers, also in 4 different sizes.

However, ROYGBIV is a wallpaper pack that features 7 individual wallpapers in colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet, or ROYGBIV and a Rainbow-ized wallpaper itself. I used these colors because they are the 7 colors of the Rainbow and I happen to use 7 separate Desktops on my MacBook Pro, so that every time I swipe to the next desktop, I either go up in hue or go down in hue. When I do a mission control, I can see all of the colors line up in a natural order.

Download here:

At the bottom lies the screenshot for these wallpaper packs. It will be in 1280x800 resolution.

One of the biggest honors is seeing your work featured on another website. I've found this on's 20 Minimalist Wallpapers for a Simpler Desktop. It's number sixteen out of twenty. Obviously, they have a link to my deviantart submission of this, but it's still pretty cool to see people actually want to share my work.

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