Tibneo Designs [a revelation]

Welcome to Tibneo Designs! Tibneo Designs is a personal website as well as an online portfolio created by Ryan J. Geist. If you've visited before, you'd notice some huge changes. Such as the huge rearrangement of my pages. All of the updates and information will be placed here. I removed my portfolio page. Well, not really. I just made it the home page. And you'll also notice that some links will be broken. If you find one, I strongly encourage you to let me know by filling out an email on the contact page.

March 6

Wow! We're already almost to Spring Break, and it seems that I've been doing a LOT of work on my website at work lately. I get paid to work on my website, even though my job description says otherwise. When you work in customer service, such as an office, your business depends entirely upon customers. But we don't get customers, so there is an unbelievable amount of downtime. And it works to my benefit. Anyway, let's get to the update.

I updated my site today to mainly fix some bugs. I just worked out a few kinks, and threw out some files that I wasn't using anymore. I'll be cleaning this website up some more, as well. So if you find anything out of the ordinary, please, don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks!

Febrary 28

Yesterday, I fixed a few bugs such as alignment with iFrames, as well as broken links. But more importantly, I made my portfolio page a million times better! It looks great! I strongly encourage everyone to go check it out ASAP! It looks amazing! Go and check it out!

January 19

So I've been pretty busy lately with admissions at my school, and getting books bought and what not, I've hardly had any time to myself. It's actually 5:52 in the morning right now, and I should probably be asleep, but oh well! Anyway, I just updated the Tutorials! I've finally got to adding one in! It's for Button Bar for Rainmeter, so if you don't have my skin for Rainmeter, you can get it here, and read my tutorial here! Check it out! I hope to add more tutorials in the future. Also, check out the new sleek design on the portfolio page. Click one of the categories and see what happens! Pretty cool! Anyway, check in periodically for more updates!

Happy New Year!

A new year brings new updates! I'll be updating my website to accomodate the new year! It's quite obvious that the Mayans predicted wrong. Or well, a number of possibilities are aroused when thinking "Why am I not dead?". Anyhow, since 12/21/12 didn't work out, we'll see about the unlucky number 13 with 13/31/13! Hope you are all ready for it!!

December 15

So, I've finished my contact page! It looks great! You should check it out! Send me an email, too! I will get back to you as soon as possible! I get my emails sent to my iPhone, so I'll be able to check them out immediately! Thanks!

December 7

I hope that everybody is having a good winter season. Finals week is coming up and I'm pretty excited for winter break! I just thought I'd post an update on my status. I'm not very active in design right now. Winter isn't exactly my favorite season. But I hope to be back on the scene soon. Art never sleeps, (nor do I) so I should always be doing something. Because I'm a graphic designer, I shouldn't have any troubles with the design elements with my website. Don't be afraid to critique me. Send me an email with your name. Be constructive, be critical, and most of all, be honest. Thanks!

November 26

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving! And for you students, an even better Thanksgiving break!! As a student, Thanksgiving break means a lot to me, too. So it's important to get plenty of rest for finals week coming up!

Anyhow, I've completely remodelled my website (if you haven't noticed). My girlfriend helped me out a bit by giving inspiration. Now that you are aware of this change, I can continue on with my website progression. Enjoy!

October 11

Hmm.. Something looks different, doesn't it? Yeah! That's right! I've made my website RED. Red happens to be my favorite color, so I figured... Why Not? Red looks better.. I am the webmaster, I can do what I want!

But seriously, this is not the only thing NEW. I also imported a new school project, our 75¢ project - Office Clips. Check it out in the PORTFOLIO or by clicking VIEW to the right of the heading!

July 3

In order to contain organization in my website, I updated my portfolio page to do just that. You'll now be able to use drop-down menus to select between one of my School Projects, a Wallpaper, an Icon Set, a Rainmeter Skin, or a Miscellaneous item.

I've also added a FEATURED section where I've posted an important (more important than the others) portfolio item. This will give to you my personal insight to what I can accomplish.


Welcome to my website! This is the home page of Graphic Designer Ryan Geist. Check out the About page to read more about me and my website! Or continue reading!

Navigation Intro

Now, you need to learn the new navigation setup. Rather than having simple about.html pages, rather, I will have a whole folder devoted to a single html file. That way, you aren't left in the directories wondering how to get out!


This is where I end the home page, I suppose. Enjoy my site!

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