Dektos For Rainmeter

  • Dektos for Rainmeter by TibneoA Glass-type theme of several Rainskins.
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Dektos is probably my favorite of all my projects. Because it is so complex, I have to be very delicate when explaining this project. In order to understand what this project is for, I must first explain what Rainmeter is.

Rainmeter is a code-based program that allows small skins (or widgets) literally based off of text files. Each single .ini file contains a certain amount of code and is set up to use images, solid colors, text, or all of these.

Dektos is a glass themed... theme... used for Rainmeter. If you already know what Rainmeter is, here is the screenshot and download link. The download link will download a .rmskin which will be ready to install into your Rainmeter.


What You'll Be Downloading...

Original Dektos Preview Video

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