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A more recent icon project of mine is titled 'iKon'. It is a very simple, minimalistic icon project deriving hundreds of very creative designs and a set of six Photoshop layer styles.

Primarily, this icon set is similar to Token, a very famous icon theme by brsev. But rather than totally ripping his idea off, I've created my theme from scratch. As well as having a light set, a dark set, and a carved set, this icon set will also feature another light, another dark, and another carved set but with a texture. Frankly, it will feature six separate layer styles, 2 asl files, and hundreds to thousands of icons.


In order to download this pack, you'll have to download it in pieces, for this icon pack is quite large. You'll be downloading from my Google Drive. Each pack comes with two filetypes, and I also give the files' sizes as well.

Lite A - 54.3 MB[ICNS] [PNG]

Lite B - 82.9 MB[ICNS] [PNG]

Dark A - 45.3 MB[ICNS] [PNG]

Dark B - 74.0 MB[ICNS] [PNG]

Carved A - 51.9 MB[ICNS] [PNG]

Carved B - 79.0 MB[ICNS] [PNG]

Templates/Styles Pack - 5.9 MB [ZIP]

Be sure to download the Templates/Styles Pack if you expect to create your own iKons. Please, do not attempt to claim these as your own. Enjoy.

Please consider at least $1 USD PayPal donation.

Email: rgeist18@gmail.com

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